LUFFT MARWIS-UMB Mobile Road Sensor

MARWIS for the detection of water, ice and snow as well as friction can be installed on vehicles with a distance of 1-2 meters between the measuring Instrument and the object of measurement. MARWIS delivers the following data: Road surface temperature, waterfilm height, dew point temperature; road conditions: dry, moist, wet, snow, ice; ice percentage; friction; rel. humidity above road surface. When the number of ice particles on the road surface increases, the friction coefficient falls and can thus serve as an important element of decision-making with regard to preventive gritting. Due to the open interface protocols, MARWIS can be easily integrated into existing winter maintenance Monitoring networks. Similarly, MARWIS can communicate directly with the control system on gritting vehicles. The measurement data output supports the protocol UMB binary.

Complement the stationary monitoring network with dynamic (mobile) data. Automatic optimization of gritting material. Dynamic route optimization for winter maintenance operations. Real time thermal mapping.

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