Ambient Weather Monitoring

TES is the leading supplier for Weather Station solutions capable of meeting client requirements. From micro systems to full stations to meet Australian Standards, EPA requirements and Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) requirements. Our industry experience allows us to support our clients with specific problems, to providing an appropriate solution to suit their needs and the needs of the project.

Ambient Weather Monitoring

Ambient Weather Monitoring is required wherever there is a need for any other air quality monitoring applications or to meet your compliance requirements, including Development Approvals and Licences to Operate. Furthermore, many sites use weather stations to monitor and better understand their site conditions allowing proactive management of their facility. 

Without meteorological monitoring there is no indication of how the data is being impacted by the current conditions. Is it windy? What direction is the wind coming from? Are the readings even being produced by the business operations in question? It is imperative that every Ambient Monitoring instrument includes weather monitoring to preserve the integrity of your data.

TES’s Weather stations are of the highest quality, designed to be accurate, and last in harsh conditions while maintaining their reliability.


Weather Monitoring/Equipment
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get local support for equipment?

All Equipment supplied by TES in Australia and New Zealand is supported by TES. We have factory trained technicians located strategically around the region and stocked spare parts. TES can assist with client Design, supply, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance if required.

Where should I install my weather station?

TES can provide a site inspection by a trained Engineer to find the most suitable location for a weather station according Siting requirements using AS 3580.1.1. Some points which should be considered when locating a location for a weather station is:

    • Weather Station should be located in an area with open air flow (a corner between two walls would not be ideal).
    • The weather stations can be placed in either full sun or shade, as it has been designed to record accurate temperature regardless.
    • You’ll want to make sure it is in a location away from heat sources such as air conditioning units or chimneys.
Can my Weather Station be integrated into other current or future systems?

TES Weather Sensors are compatible with many commercially available dataloggers and PLS systems thanks to an open communication protocol. TES also provides a state of the arts data management system cable of but not limited to:

  • View your data in real time remotely via a cloud-based web repository
  • Record continuous meteorological parameters including wind speed, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, barometric pressure, and rainfall and etc
  • Simple to use interface with easy-to-follow metrics and visual displays
  • Real time event notifications via SMS or email
  • Optimise site operations through real time information
  • Configure according to your specific site or requirements
  • Integration with other monitoring systems such as noise and air quality and water quality monitoring systems

Featured Equipment

TES Automatic Weather Stations

TES Australian Standards Weather Station

Thomson Environmental Systems have supplied and installed Automatic Weather Stations all over Australia. Customised to meet your requirements TES will create a meteorological monitoring solution that is user friendly, rugged and reliable. Select or modify the Complete TES Automatic Weather Station which includes:

  • Lufft Smart Weather Sensors
  • QAMS Met Master Pro 1000 Data Logger
  • 10m Mast (other options availabe)
  • Modem for Remote access and SMS alerts
  • Mains or Solar Power
Standards Met

AS/NZS 3580.14:2014


Meteorological Monitoring to meet Australian Standards


Choice of mounting to an existing structure or as a stand-alone station with a tripod or concrete platform.

A site inspection is required for assessing the installation location meets the requirements specified in AS/NZS 3580.14:2014


MesaLabs BIOS

luuft weather sensors

With no moving parts, our Lufft All-in-one Weather sensors are maintenance free. Available Parameters with Lufft All-in-one Sensors:

  • Wind Speed and Direction,
  • Temperature,
  • Relative Humidity,
  • Air Pressure,
  • Precipitation,
  • Solar Radiation and Lightning.
QAMS MET Master Pro

Met Master Pro 1000 Data Logger

TES Met Master Pro 1000 Key Features: User friendly and reliable, Push or poll data, CSV data format, two programmable relays, Visual Master Pro software for remote live data viewing and download, and instrument control and programming.

Our QAMS Metmaster Pro Datalogger was designed with Lufft Weather Sensors in mind, they are plug-and-play which means anyone can operate it with minimal training.

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