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The SmartAQM utilises Electrochemical Sensors and Light Scattering  for In Tunnel Monitoring for Visibility and Criteria Gases (CO, NO, NO2).


  • Optional Heater to eliminate fog interference.

  • Data direct to tunnel control system or you can add a local control unit, integrates into most existing or new tunnel monitoring systems.

  • Corrosion resistant components – longer life in aggressive tunnel atmosphere.

  • One device versus a transceiver and a reflector that have to be precisely aligned.

  • Supplied throughout Europe for the past 30 years in tunnels short and very long tunnels.

  • Sensors can be replaced quickly with no tools and no re-alignment required.

  • Extremely low maintenance requirements for all instruments

Standards Met

Australian Standard for In tunnel monitoring.


Tunnel Wall


MesaLabs BIOS

Tunnel Wind Speed & Smoke Sensor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do these sensors meet the Australian Standard for In Tunnel Monitoring?

Yes, while the technology

Has this technology been used in long tunnels?

Yes, we have successfully used these sensors are technologies in long tunnels. Please share your specs with us so we can create a solution for your needs.

How long do electrochemical Sensors last?

Expected life time is 2 years. Replacement sensors come recalibrated, saving on calibration cost and time.

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