QAMS Met Master Pro 1000 Data Logger

Thomson Environmental Systems Met Master Pro 1000 (MMP1000) is a data logger designed specifically for meteorological applications. The MMP1000 is a user-friendly and reliable option for your meteorological monitoring. On-site programming and set up is made easy with the built-in screen/keypad and intuitive menu. Now you can just as easily adjust instrument settings, view lives data and downloads in CSV format remotely with Visual Master Pro Software. The MMP1000 works seamlessly together with Lufft’s German-engineered smart weather sensors to allow you to measure a wide range of parameters including; Wind Speed and Direction, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Air Pressure, Precipitation, Solar Radiation and Lightning.

Key MMP1000 features include:

  • User friendly and reliable
  • Push or poll data
  • Variable averages
  • CSV data format
  • Two programmable relays for process control or alarms and alerts
  • Ultimate remote control with Visual Master Pro software.

Product Videos

QAMS Dust & Meteorological Range – Overview

QAMS Instrument Set-up & Configuration – Step by Step Video

QAMS Visual Master Pro Software – Promo Video

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