Keit IRmadillo™ FTIR Spectrometer

Real-time reaction monitoring in harsh manufacturing environments has been made easy by the IRmadillo FTIR spectrometer manufactured by Keit Industrial Analytics.  The IRmadillo is an in situ spectrometer that is highly vibration resistant, and designed for extreme indoor and outdoor conditions. Some of the key features are:

  • Real-time reaction analysis without the hassle: no fibre-optic cables between probe and the analyser,  nor any remote sampling required.
  • Vibration tolerant: a solid-state design resulting in extreme vibration tolerance.
  • Mid-infrared spectrum analysis providing continuous process monitoring of liquids.
  • Low costs of ownership: minimum to no recalibration or maintenance required.
  • Long-term stability.
  • Compact size: mounts directly onto – or in line with – manufacturing vessels and process lines.

Choice of ATR and dip probe materials compatible for a wide range of operating environments.

If you require IECEx and ATEX certification for hazardous area applications click here.

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