Keit IRmadillo™ FTIR Spectrometer – High Temperature Ex Certified

Real-time reaction monitoring in harsh manufacturing environments has been made easy by the IRmadillo FTIR – High Temperature spectrometer manufactured by Keit Industrial Analytics.

The IRmadillo – High Temperature model is ATEX, IECEx & UKEx certifications for use in high-temperature liquid processes up to 220°C (428°F).

This is a requirement for industries such as chemicals and petrochemicals where the manufacturing processes frequently involve highly volatile and flammable components.

The certified temperature range of the IRmadillo up to 220°C enables certain companies, chemical and petrochemical companies in particular, the option of in-line, real-time analysis of manufacturing processes that run at high temperatures in hazardous atmospheres.

Some of the key features are:

  • Real-time reaction analysis without the hassle: no fibre-optic cables between probe and the analyser,  nor any remote sampling required.
  • Vibration tolerant: a solid-state design resulting in extreme vibration tolerance.
  • Mid-infrared spectrum analysis providing continuous process monitoring of liquids.
  • Low costs of ownership: minimum to no recalibration or maintenance required.
  • Long-term stability.
  • Compact size: mounts directly onto – or in line with – manufacturing vessels and process lines.

Choice of ATR and dip probe materials compatible for a wide range of operating environments

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