TRIBO.dsp U3400 HART

Auburn’s TRIBO.dsp U3400 HART (U3400H) is an enhanced version of the model U3400, the industry’s first two-wire, loop powered, wide dynamic range emissions or flow monitor for both high and low temperature applications. Complete with all of the features of the standard model U3400, such as automatic offset/drift check and probe contamination check, the model U3400H incorporates HART protocol, providing enhanced communication options. This model is simple to install, requiring only twisted pair wiring to handle the power, analog signal, and digital communication.

The U3400H is one of the most reliable, easy to use particulate emissions and flow monitoring systems available today. It is wired directly to PLC’s, data loggers, or any control device capable of simultaneously providing 24V loop power while receiving the continuous 4-20 mA signal.

The TRIBO.dsp U3400H is often the most suitable and economical choice for large multiple point bag leak detection applications for plant wide, data management purposes. In addition, for applications requiring hazardous location approval, the U3400H is certified Intrinsically Safe by CSA.

Features of the U3400H

  • Two wire system, minimal installation costs
  • Continuous 4-20 mA output
  • HART Protocol
  • Widest performance range available, use for flow or emissions applications
  • Automatic probe contamination check
  • CSA rated for Class I, Div 1, Grps C,D; Class II, Div 1, Grps E, F, G; Class III; Class I, Zone 0, Grp IIB; all T4

Applications for the U3400H

Emission Monitoring

  • Bag Leak Detection
  • Dust Collector Maintenance
  • Product Loss Prevention
  • Equipment Protection
  • EPA/MACT Compliance

Process Monitoring

  • Process Optimization
  • Gravity Feed
  • Injection Flow
  • Material Flow Control
  • Flow/No Flow Detection

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