GASMET GT6000 Mobilis

Portable stack gas and emission analyzer

For stack testing and emissions monitoring, time is the most important resource; GT6000 Mobilis helps you save it.
Extreme portability, easy setup, fast results – the Gasmet GT6000 Mobilis portable FTIR multi-Component stack gas and emission analyzer is designed for Stack Monitoring with a list of features to make you more efficient.

Key benefits include:

  • Intuitive user interface and ergonomic design
  • Easy to disassemble, carry, and set-up again
  • Multigas measurements in a portable package
  • Realtime results reliably and remotely
  • Exceptional robustness: shock and vibration resistivity by design
  • Smart software with self-diagnostics for easy and fast service
  • Suitable for on site or laboratory use.

Stack Monitoring Performance

For Stack Monitoring, GT6000 Mobilis setup, measurements, and analysis happen smoothly and time-efficiently. The device is simple to set up and disassemble, and there are no loose screws and other small parts that can fall while in transit or on your way to the stack. Integrated sampling line supports make it is easier to use and there are fewer parts to carry around. The device enables you to measure all key compounds at once, including oxygen with PSS Plus. For ease of use, GT6000 Mobilis gives clear OK / Not OK on the software side to indicate if the device is ready or not for measurements. The PSS on the other hand has indicator lights to tell the same thing on its part. Results are available in mere minutes.

Image of a Stack Tester

Emission Research

For Emissions, its ease of use, multi-gas measurements, and immediate results let you focus on what is important, your research. With GT6000 Mobilis, even the smallest concentrations are measured with high accuracy. These measurements can be monitored on-site or even remotely. Results can be accessed via PC or tablet with Calcmet software. Additionally, as sometimes the measured compounds can be unexpected, with Calcmet software you can reanalyze measurement data afterward to identify these unknown gases. The system is easy to use, which reduces the need for supervision and can be used with minimal training, whether you are working in the lab or on the field.

The system is typically set up to measure H2O, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, N2O, SO2, NH3, CH4, HCl, HF and different VOCs and can measure up to 50 gases simultaneously.  Additional gases can be easily added without any hardware changes.  The corrosion-resistant sample cell is heated to 180 °C, which ensures that the sample stays in the gaseous phase even with high concentrations of H2O or corrosive gases. FTIR technology ensures that results will be available immediately on-site, and further analysis provides hard data for your specific needs.

The GT6000 Mobilis supersedes the DX4000. 

GT6000 Mobilis Data Sheet

GT6000 Mobilis is designed to be used with the portable sampling system, PSS Plus or PSS Base. PSS utilizes the hot-and-wet measurement principle (no drying or dilution), which ensures that the analysis is done with a representative sample. There is two-stage particulate filtration: the first one in the sampling probe and the second one in the sampling system. The portable sampling system can be optionally equipped with a ZrO2 sensor for accurate oxygen measurement.

Image of GT6000 Mobilis with Portable Sampling System

With all-new design the user experience has been taken to new heights. Integrated controls on front, 2 handles and cables in the back provide smooth operation. While PSS Base offers more basic design, for more hardcore work we have PSS Plus. PSS Plus comes with flow meters on front and has an instrument air option. This makes the system easier and cheaper for user while also providing safer operation, since nitrogen is only needed for background measurements.

Key benefits of PSS

  • User-friendly design
  • Instrument air option (PSS Plus)
  • Integrated controls accessible from Calcmet
  • IP42 rated.

PSS Data Sheet


Ambient Monitoring

Stack, Process & CEMS

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