Durag D-R 909 Extractive Dust Monitor

The D-R 909 provides extractive continuous dust measurement of small to medium dust concentrations in wet flue and process gases even under difficult plant conditions.

Key Benefits

  • QAL1-suitability tested in accordance with EN 15267
  • Automatic control functions
  • Flow-optimized design prevents the deposit of impurities
  • Efficient operation due to electronically controlled blowers and heaters
  • Modular system of compact units
  • Suitable for official emission monitoring
  • Low service cost for calibration and maintenance
  • Low energy cost
  • Easy and versatile installation


Suitable for dust concentration measurement in wet flue or process gases

  • Emission measurement of wet flue gases
  • Measurement of wet process gases with small to medium dust concentrations

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Stack, Process & CEMS


Measuring principle Extraction of sample gas, dilution and heating for evaporation of water droplets, forward scattering, single-sided installation
Measuring variable Scattered light units, calibratable as dust concentration in mg/m³
Measuring range Minimum 0 … 5 mg/m³
Maximum 0 … 200 mg/m³
Certified measuring ranges 0 … 7,5 mg/m³; 0 … 15 mg/m³; 0 … 45 mg/m³; 0 … 100 mg/m³
Ambient conditions Installation location: Indoor or outdoor installation*
Temperature: -40 … +60 °C
Operating conditions Temperature: 0 … 160 °C
Relative humidity: 0 … 100% and maximum 70 g/m³ water as aerosol
Relative pressure: -50 … +50 hPa**
Inner duct diameter Minimum: 0.2 m
Interface Analog output: 1x 4 … 20 mA, maximum 500 Ω, potential-free
Analog input: 1x 4 … 20 mA, maximum 250 Ω, potential-free
Digital output: 2x NC/NO, maximum 60 V_, 30 V~, 0.5 A
Modbus RS 485 RTU
Operation and display Status LED
Software D-ESI 100***
Optional: Control Unit D-ISC 100
Control functions Automatic zero point and reference point measurement, automatic contamination measurement and compensation
Light source Laser, class 2 in accordance with EN 60825-1, < 1 mW at 650 nm
* Weather protection required for outdoor installation
** Depending on flue gas velocity and operating mode
*** Enables remote access via web interface, requires PC with Windows operating system

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