TELEDYNE API T640 PM2.5 Particle Monitor – US EPA Approved

Teledyne API’s Model T640 PM Mass Monitor delivers fast, accurate, simultaneous, continuous PM10 and PM2.5, real-time PM mass measurements using innovative broadband spectroscopy. The T640 delivers high resolution, fast response, low power consumption, and effortless operation. Its broadband spectroscopy combines advanced LED technology with well-understood light scattering theory. An innovative and robust algorithm produces accurate mass concentration data.


  • Continuous, real-time PM10 and PM2.5 mass concentration results in a single instrument
  • Simple set-up and 10-minute warm up time
  • Superior measurement sensitivity and precision
  • Long autonomy and low power consumption
  • Low maintenance and cost of operation
  • 1-min time resolution, updated every 10s
  • No radioactive source
  • No sample collection media
  • US EPA-approved:
    – US EPA PM2.5 Federal Equivalent Method EQPM-0516-236
    – US EPA PM2.5 Federal Equivalent Method EQPM-0516-238*
    – US EPA PM10 Federal Equivalent Method EQPM-0516-239*
    – US EPA PM10-2.5 Federal Equivalent Method EQPM-0516-240*
    *with 640x option

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