TECORA IsoKinetic Probes

Tecora offer Standard Integrated Stack Sampling Isokinetic Probes.

The one-block probe consists of a suction tube, an “S” Pitot tube and a temperature measure probe.

The end of the “S” Pitot tube is removable from the probe body which allows easy replacement.

Each Pitot tube is marked with a serial number to be identified in case of individual calibration request.

The rear-end of the suction tube has been equipped with a leak proof cone shaped connection for obtaining a good seal also in case of high temperature.

The outside connections of the probe are quick-release connectors for the static pressure of the “S” Pitot tube and for the suction tube for gas analysis.

The thermocouple has a compensated unified connector with screen. The special design and the compactness of the integrated probe help ensure long life.

In addition probes up to 5 m length can be handled with relative ease.

Overall dimensions have been reduced allowing the probe with isokinetic assembly to enter through an 80mm diameter opening in the stack.

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