We sponsored a Well in Northern Uganda

TES’s efforts to sponsor a well in Northern Uganda via LOVE MERCY Foundation’s Well-Worth-It project have been an outstanding success. LOVE MERCY (in partnership with WATER FOR AFRICA) aimed to build 12 wells to bring life back into communities! After surveying the villages where their Cents for Seeds project is running, Love Mercy found that women have to walk 5-10km 3 times per day to get water to grow their crops. Often the water is polluted, leaving families threatened with deadly diseases like typhoid.

“I was proud of the way our team got involved in the run.”  – Paul Thomson, TES CEO

So the TES team ran and walked in the recent Sutherland-to-Surf fun run to raise money for a well for a community in Northern Uganda. So far the Well-Worth-It project has raised over $53,000 for the building of new wells and restoring existing ones.

As at August 14, the TES team had raised $7250 of that total.

We offer a huge thank-you to every single person or company that has supported our effort. We are only $250 short of our $7500 goal, so if you would like to get us over the top…

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