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  • Tunnel safety relies on accurately measuring luminance - the perceived light available for drivers to drive safely - the main control variab
  • Smart/ECS, an IoT-enabled gas sensor
    JES Tunnel Safety offer the Smart/ECS, an IoT-enabled gas sensor that can detect up to four gases: (CO, NO, NO2 - other gases on request).
  • Data Loggers & Software

    Trelia Converge

    Trelia Converge provides new capability and flexibility in the way you interact with your monitoring equipment and data, with the ability to
  • The Model N901 is a near-continuous hydrocarbon gas analyzer that measures the concentration of Methane (CH4) and Total Hydrocarbons (THC) i
  • Manual & Automatic Stack Testing Equipment

    Dynacharge PS 10

    FilterSense PS Series particulate sensors are unique, robust, passive sensors that connect to DynaCHARGETM and B-PACTM control units. These
  • DynaCharge PM1 Pro
    Manual & Automatic Stack Testing Equipment

    Dynacharge PM 1 Pro

    The PM 1 PRO is the benchmark for reliability and features in a standard particulate monitor and leak/flow detector. A state-of-the-art i
  • The Multi-wavelength Absorption Black carbon Instrument (MABI) can determine both precisely and accurately the concentration and source of b
  • Dynacharge PM100 Pro
    Manual & Automatic Stack Testing Equipment

    Dynacharge PM 100 Pro

    Dynacharge PM 100 Pro is suited for demanding optimization and up time requirements of process plants, quality assurance features and accura
  • Your Solution for Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Ideal for monitoring air quality outside or in workshops, ECOMSMART measures key parameter
  • Gasmet GT5000 Terra Multi-gas FTIR analyser
    The Gasmet GT5000 Terra FTIR Gas Analyzer is a portable FTIR multi-Component gas analyzer ideally suited to numerous applications involving
  • The Model 751H is a portable, fully self-contained source of high purity zero air for dilution calibrators. It is ideal for use with sensiti
  • TAPI Model 500 NOx Analyser
    The Teledyne API Model N500 CAPS NOx analyser is a Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift (CAPS), non-chemiluminescent NOx analyser. Using CAPS Sp

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