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  • Dust & Particulate Monitors

    Durag D-R 909 Extractive Dust Monitor

    The D-R 909 provides extractive continuous dust measurement of small to medium dust concentrations in wet flue and process gases even under
  • The electrically heated M&C dilution probe is used in processes where the measuring procedure or the handling of the process gas require
  • LaserHawk 360 Particulate Monitor image
    Dust & Particulate Monitors

    LaserHawk 360 Particulate Monitor

    The heart of the Laserhawk® Dust Monitor is an electronically modulated (2400Hz), intensity controlled solid-state red laser located in the
  • Lighthawk Model 560 Opacity/Dust monitor image
    Dust & Particulate Monitors

    Lighthawk Model 560 Opacity/Dust Monitor

    TML's LightHawk® Opacity/Dust Monitor offers advanced technology for outstanding performance and reliability as an opacity, optical density
  • The Ultraflow Model 150 is a non-contacting gas flow and temperature monitor for CEMS and Stack Air Monitoring. The system measures the tran
  • Gas Sample Probe PSP4000-H product image
    Portable gas sample probe type PSP4000‑H with external ceramic filter type S‑2K, filter porosity: 2 µm, electrically heated external fi
  • Gas Sample Probe SP2000-H image
    Gas sample probe type SP2000‑H with external ceramic filter type S‑2K150, filter porosity: 2 µm, with electrically heated external filt
  • Gas Monitors

    Oxygen Sensors

    Sensors for Oxygen Analyzers   ​ ​Class ​Part Numbe​r ​Application ​Warranty ​ A-2C​​ ​C06689-A2C
  • Model 2020 Thermal Conductivity Analyzer image
    The Series 2000 represents a complete line of Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) based analyzers which can be applied in a wide range of ap
  • Teledyne Falcon Gas Chromatograph image
    Teledyne Falcon UltraFast Gas Chromatograph is Faster, Smaller, Smarter, Easier and Greener Speed and Small footprint With analytical cycl
  • Image of GT6000 Mobilis
    Gas Monitors

    GASMET GT6000 Mobilis

    Portable stack gas and emission analyzer For stack testing and emissions monitoring, time is the most important resource; GT6000 Mobilis he
  • Real-time reaction monitoring in harsh manufacturing environments has been made easy by the IRmadillo FTIR - High Temperature spectrometer m

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