YOUNG LIN (YL) 9900 Mass Spectrometer (MS)

The YL9900 MS, is a Single Quadrupole Compact Mass Spectrometer for Liquid Sample, it quickly provides essential information and improves the chemist’s workflow. Modern organic labs have become automated, yet real-time mass assays remain just out of reach. YL9900 MS solves this!

  • Positive and negative ions analysis
  • ESI / APCI (switchable with minimal effort, optional installation)
  • The first mass spec which fits in a fume hood with the sash closed
  • Easy access to the YL9900 MS: 10 connectors located on the front of the instrument (8 I/O connectors, USB port and computer connector)

Integrated solutions :

– LC or UPLC
– Flash
– Reaction monitoring

If you are a biopharmaceutical company, academic teaching/research lab or any industry requiring mass assays, the YL 9900 MS is the smartest instrument for performing a mass spec solution;

  • An inviting interface with powerful depth
  • Mass ExpressTM, Data ExpressTM
  • YL-Clarity both LC and MS with MS Extension only

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