YL’s 5th-generation GAS CHROMATOGRAPH is a newly established leader in the GC market. With strongly enhanced Advanced Pneumatic Controls (APCs), installation of three units of inlet and detector for each, enables it to extend the various GC configurations to perform complex analysis. YL6500 GC provides substantially reliable and precise data through the ability to operate all parts, from the stable inlets to the extremely sensitive detectors, using the innovative haptic touch pad. Moreover, an intuitive chromatography data system with user-friendly interface improves the ease of instrument control and a network (LAN) communication speeds up a data process. The powerful programming function of oven temperature, pressure and flow rate enables shorter retention time and reduce decomposition and loss of samples. The swift and accurate control of valve switching time in settable point up to 0.01 min allows analyzing complex samples containing various components that can not be separated by one column or detected by one detector reversing column flow precisely with no loss of peak area values.

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