The Teledyne API Model N500 CAPS NOx analyser is a Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift (CAPS), non-chemiluminescent NOx analyser.

Using CAPS Spectroscopy to measure ‘true’ NO2, NOx and NO gases, the Teledyne API Model N500 provides an improved option for NO2, NOx and NO measurement accuracy and reduces instrument operation and maintenance costs.

CAPS technology is inherently accurate and sensitive, requires less maintenance than chemiluminescence and uses less power.

Teledyne-API’s first direct true NO2 analyser, the T500U has been a popular instrument with scientists and air quality specialists looking for a faster and more precise measurement of NO2 that cannot be offered by chemiluminescence.

The Model N500 like the T500U, uses CAPS technology for true NO2 measurement but it adds the ability to measure the NO component of NOx. The instrument combines direct NO2 measurements with highly efficient gas phase titration (GPT) to convert and measure the NO gas component.

The new Model N500 CAPS NOx / NO2 / NO analyser is available exclusively in Australia and New Zealand through Thomson Environmental Systems.

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Ambient Monitoring


Range Min. ​Min: 0-5 ppb full scale
Range Max Max: 0-1,000 ppb full scale​
Measurement Units ​ppb, ppm, μg/m3, mg/m3 (user-selectable)​
Zero Noise < 0.05 ppb (RMS)
Span Noise < 0.2% of reading + 50 ppt (RMS)
Lower Detectable Limit < 0.1 ppb
Zero Drift < 0.2 ppb / 24 hours
Power supply voltage 48 VDC, 5A max.
Ambient temperature -40 °C … +70 °C
Span Drift ​< 0.5% of reading / 24 hours
Response Time < 60 seconds to 95%
Linearity 1% of full scale
Precision 0.5% of reading above 5 ppb
Sample Flow Rate 1000 cc/min ±10%
Power Requirements 110W; 100-250VAC (50-60Hz)
Included I/O 1 x Ethernet (TCP/IP) 1 x RS232 or RS485 (user-selectable) 2 x front panel USB device ports
Optional I/O Universal Analog Output Board includes (all user-definable): 4 x Isolated Voltage Outputs (5V, 10V; user-selectable) 3 x Individually Isolated Current Outputs (4-20mA) ​Digital I/O Expansion Board includes (all user-definable): 3 x Isolated Digital Input Controls 5 x Isolated Digital Output Controls 3 x Form C Relay Alarm Outputs
Operating Temperature Range 0 – 40°C
Dimensions (HxWxD) 7” x 17” x 23.5” (178 x 432 x 597 mm)
Weight 33 lbs (15kg)
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