TELEDYNE API 751H Portable Zero Air Generator (TAPI)

The Model 751H is a portable, fully self-contained source of high purity zero air for dilution calibrators. It is ideal for use with sensitive analyzers in ambient background and trace level applications. Packaged in a wheeled, high density plastic case, the Model 751H provides ultra-high purity output with a warm-up time of 30 minutes.

The 751H includes a dew point sensor, a small, powerful pump, scrubbers to remove SO2, NO, NO2, O3, H2S, and NH3 plus high performance scrubbers to remove CO and Hydrocarbons. The regenerative heatless dryer removes water and produces output with a dew point of -20ºC (up to 10 SLPM flow rate).

The 751H features tank-less operation for real-time pressurized output without “pulsing.” A microcontroller cycles the regenerative dryer and pressurized drain and features a short cycle interval of 1 minute for high humidity applications.


Ambient Monitoring

Laboratory & Scientific


Model 751H Specifications
Output 10 SLPM at 30 psig
Max Delivery Pressure 30 psig
Dew Point Less than -20ºC
Dryer Regenerative heatless with lifetime of greater than 5 years
Output Concentration SO2 < 0.025 ppb
H2S < 0.025 ppb
NO < 0.025 ppb
NO2 < 0.025 ppb
NH3 < 0.025 ppb
O3 < 0.3 ppb
CO < 10 ppb
HC < 0.25 ppb
Compressor Single-cylinder, internal long-life, oil-less piston pump
Power Requirements 110V-120V, 60Hz (320W)
220V-240V, 50Hz (425W)
Operating Temperature Range 5 – 40ºC
Dimensions (HxWxD) 9” x 22” x 13.8” (229 x 559 x 351 mm)
Weight 47 lbs (21.3 kg)
Specifications subject to change without notice. All specifications are based on constant conditions.

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