smart/AQM Air Quality Monitor

JES Tunnel Safety’s Smart/AQM is an IoT-enabled gas sensor, specifically designed for Tunnel applications. Mounted in-situ or extractive, it measures visibility, particles and emissions to EC guideline 2004/54/EC (Minimum safety requirements for tunnels in the trans-European road network), and the more detailed requirements of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

  • Installation in-situ
  • Stainless steel housing 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
  • IP rating IP69K
  • Connection to tunnel control system by:
    • MODBUS RTU (RS-485)
    • MODBUS/TCP (Ethernet)
    • Analogue and relay outputs
    • Web service (Ethernet)
  • Integrated web server for visualisation, configuration, data logging, remote maintenance (Ethernet option only)
  • Optional smart/HUB IoT operating and control unit with touch display
  • Plug & play operation
System Set-up

smart/AQM sensor to be mounted either:

  • in-situ – directly in the tunnel’s driving area
  • extractive – in a niche, cross-cut, etc.
  • Terminal box – with 24 VDC power supply for connection of supply and signal cables
  • System cable with quick connectors between sensor and terminal box for easy exchange
  • Optional smart/HUB with touch display

Visibility and gas monitoring during normal operation is used to control the tunnel ventilation at normal operation. The need (and level of power required) for artificial ventilation by jet fans depends on the measured visibility and gas concentration.
Visibility is expressed by the extinction coefficient, which describes the light attenuation caused by particles in the air.
The sensor extracts air from the tunnel by an integrated fan and feeds it into the measuring cell which detects the intensity of light scattered by this sample, sets it into relation with the light passing through and calculates the extinction coefficient.
Optional electrochemical gas sensor cells induce currents proportional to the prevailing gas concentration. With these currents and the measured temperature, the gas sensor modules calculate the gas concentrations.

  • Specifically designed for application in tunnels
  • Single sensor instead of transmitter/receiver pair requiring exact alignment
  • Effective fog elimination by optional heater
  • Easy recalibration by calibration plug
  • Internal purge air system keeps optics clean and prevents long-term drift
  • Robust stainless steel housing for protection against corrosion and water jets
  • Permanent condition monitoring
  • Remote maintenance
  • Low maintenance requirements, stable, accurate
  • Pre-calibrated gas sensor modules for easy exchange
  • Flexible integration into tunnel control system
  • Ethernet port
  • Mounting height in accordance with Austrian RVS
  • Menu guided recalibration of gas sensor modules
  • Smart IoT solution from sensor over hub to asset management software

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