MesaLabs BGI Cyclones – Personal

SCC 0.0695
Particle Cut Size PM0.8 at 2.21 LPM
Stainless Steel
Shrouded Inlet Design
37mm filter size
Ideal for Diesel soot sampling

Particle Size cut PM4 at 2.2 LPM
Respirable dust sampling
Aluminium/ plastic
37mm Filter Size

GK2.05 (KTL)
Particle Cut Size PM2.5 at 4 LPM/3.5 LPM
Available with shrouded inlet
37mm Filter Size

SCC1.062 (Triplex)
Particle Cut Size PM1/PM2.5/PM4 at 3.5/1.5/1.05 LPM
Ideal for particulate photometer
37mm filter Size

Particle Cut Size PM4/PM10 at 4.2/1.6 LPM
Aluminium / stainless steel
37/25mm filter size

GK4.162 (RASCAL)
Particle Cut Size PM4 at 8.5-9 LPM
Silica Sampling
47mm filter size

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Ambient Monitoring

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