GASMET DX4015 Ambient Multi Gas Analyser

Gasmet™ DX4015 is a portable FTIR gas analyzer for ambient air analysis. The key features of the Gasmet™ DX4015 include a high sensitivity sample cell for lowest possible detection limits and a built-in-pump, which means that there is no need to use a separate sampling system.

Gasmet™ DX4015 is typically set-up to measure a variety of different gases, including VOC’s, acids, aldehydes, and inorganic compounds such as CO, CO2 and N2O. Up to 50 compounds can be measured simultaneously. Sample cell is heated for use in high humidity applications. Post-measurement data processing tools are available – unique to Gasmet.


Research in the soil science, agriculture and geophysical fields including soil trace gas flux measurements, greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, N2O, CH4) from compost, farm animals, and bioenergy crops. See following links:

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