GasEye Probe H2O

GasEye H2O is a high performance in-situ water vapor analyzer. Suitable for safety applications and process control. 24/7 continuous operation. No sample preparation. No zero drift. No field calibration. Low cost of ownership.


• H2O ranges: 0 – 1000 ppmv / 0 – 100%vol
• Process temperatures 0-500°C
• Process pressures 0.7-2.0 barA
• Real time sensing – response time below 0.1 second
• High sensitivity – detection limit below 10 ppm per meter
• High selectivity – automatic compensation for interference effect from other constituents in the gas sample
• In-situ monitoring – direct in the process, no sample preparation
• Maintenance free – equipped with a self-calibrating feature, no field calibration necessary
• Robustness – IP66 enclosure, suitable for outdoor and indoor installations and harsh environments
• Insensitive to dust and smoke in the measured process – up to 50 g/m3.

Example Applications

• Gas quality measurement
• Safety monitoring
• Process control

Example Industries

• Petrochemical industry
• Power industry
• Steel industry
• Chemical industry

Analytical performance:  
H2O measurement range: 0-30 vol%
LoD: 0.1 vol% *m @STP and 3 sec response time
Precision: LOD or 1% of the measured value, whichever is larger @STP and 3 sec response time
Accuracy: LOD or 2% of the measured value, whichever is larger @STP and 3 sec response time
Process dust load: up to 50 g/Nm3 depending on the process
Calibration: Certified span gas
Zero drift and span drift: negligible
Electric characteristics:  
Power input: 24 VDC nominal (19 – 30 VDC)
Power consumption: < 20 VA


Dynamic performance:  
Warmup time: approx. 5 minutes
Minimum response time (T90): 200 milliseconds
Electric inputs and outputs  
Inputs: 4 x analog input, (4-20 mA, process temperature and pressure, 2 x AUX) – easy user selection via DIP switch between active/passive mode
1 x RTD
8 x Digital input
Outputs: 4 x analog output, (4-20 mA, H2O concentration, process transmission, 2 x AUX, ) active or passive – easy user selection via DIP switch between active/passive mode, selectable signal ranges according to EN 15267-3 or NAMUR NE43
8 x Digital output (MOSFET-based), optionally 4 x dry contact DO
Optional: PROFINET, Modbus (TCP/IP), Modbus RTU, Profibus DPO
Local User Interface: 1. Local User Local User Interface: Interface (LUI) – LCD backlight display located on the transmitter housing lid.
2. Ethernet
• WebServer application – system configuration and data acquisition via webbrowser
• Windows based program – GasEye logger for real time data acquisition
Remote Access: Ethernet port for remote service and diagnostics
Mechanical specification  
Degree of protection: In accordance with IP66
Process flange: DN50PN16
Process windows: F.Silica window, Helium leak tested and certified in accordance to EN1779:2002 norm.
Instrument dimensions:  
Analyzer: W x H x L: 330 mm x 230 mm x 323 mm
Analyzer with probe: W x H x L: 330 mm x 230 mm x 1600 mm
Active optical path length: L: 2x 578 mm
Weight: Analyzer (including probe): 18 kg Probe: 6 kg
Materials: Housing: aluminium
Coating: RAL5010
Process interface: Stainless steel 316

Climatic conditions  
Ambient temperature: 800 – 1200 hPa
Ambient humidity: RH < 99%, non-condensing
Measurement conditions  
Sample gas pressure: 0.7 – 2 barA
Sample gas temperature: 0ºC to 500ºC
Sensor and Process Purging (Nitrogen)  
Purging gas flow rate: – 50 l/min (process dependent)


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