Enotec Silotec 8000

The SILOTEC® 8000 –
fast and reliable safety monitoring for ATEX Zone 20 in silos and other potentially explosive dust atmospheres.


The SILOTEC® 8000 allows fast, reliable, safe analysis of oxygen, carbon monoxide and methane for ATEX* zone 20 in silos and other dusty atmospheres at risk of explosion.

The simultaneous measurement of O2 and CO allows smouldering fires to be detected and can trigger inertization. The system is 100% maintenance-free and has the necessary IP rating for straightforward installation on silo roofs.

Fast InSitu measurement means that a slow, maintenance-intensive extractive analyzer system is not needed.


  • Coal silos
  • Flour silos
  • Sugar silos
  • Coke silos
  • Potentially explosive dust atmospheres.


  • Plug & Play
  • Simultaneous CO and O2 measurement
  • Self-monitoring
  • Compliant with the ATEX zone 20
  • Fast responding
  • Smouldering fire detection.

*Please note ATEX certification is only recognised in Europe. Australia recognises IECEx. For IECEx, a third (certification) party is is required to make the design and manufacturing assessment to issues the IECEx certificate. In practice this means IECEx 02 requires more evidence during the certification process and assurance of the quality system by the manufacturer. ATEX and IECEx both use the same standards (eg EN-IEC 60079-0), so they are technically almost identical.


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Technical Data

CO / O2 ranges 0 – 25 % O
0 to 5000 ppm CO
(others on request)
Sensor accuracy O2 better 0,01% of measured value
Sensor accuracy CO better ±5% of range end
Reaction time < 0,5 s
Ambient temperature -20 °C to 55 °C
IP code IP65
ATEX Zone 20
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