AP Buck Personal Air Sampling Pump: Elite Series

Programmable Personal Air Sampling Pump
Draw air contaminants through a sampling media (i.e. 25mm or 37mm filter cassettes, bubble impingers, long duration colour detection tubes) to gauge personal exposure to gases, vapours, particulates, aerosols.
Universal Low flow adaptor available.

Buck Elite 5-Pump:

– 20 hours Run at 2.0 LPM (37mm 0.8µ filter)
– High backpressure capability for 25mm 0.45 µ asbestos filter
– Flow Range: 0.8 to 6LPM
– Compact rugged and quite, with Keypad lock system
– Rechargeable battery pack or single battery

Buck Elite 12-Pump:

– 50 hours of run time at 3LPM (0.8 µ 37mm MCE filter)
– Accuracy: ±5% of compensation range
– Flow range: 3 to 12LPM
– Available in 5-pack kit.

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Ambient Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality

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